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Content Grid maybe used on home section to show the latest items from the blog, portfolio or shop. The settings for this shortcode are almost end less. Like all of Blaszok’s shortcodes this one is also available through VisualComposer, which offers a simple drag & drop interface to build complex pages with ease.

Post Grid
  • Features of an Online Data Room
    Using an internet data area is a great way to reduces costs of your business. It can help with management and offers a secure space…
  • Ways to get Loans For people who do buiness
    Getting a business loan is a good way to fund a business’ demands. It can also give you a business a chance to grow and…
  • How you can get the most out of Board Events
    Typically, a board meeting will include discussions of past performance, new business https://cbdboardroom.com/5-steps-to-better-board-meetings/ undertakings, and potential plans. This really is a great time to go…
  • Learn How to Write Essays Online
    More students are now best writing service reviews realizing that you can find out to write essays on the web. Most students find that this…
Portfolio Grid
  • Air, French’s Worcestershire, Saus Tiram, dan Kecap Manis masak hingga mendidih, kemudian masukan Sagu untuk pengental secukupnya. Matikan api Saus siap untuk dipakai. Jahe, Cabe…
  • Jay’s Crushed Black Pepper disangrai kemudian masukan Air, French’s Worcestershire, Saus Tiram, Kecap Manis, setelah mendidih masukan Sagu untuk pengental secukupnya. Matikan api Saus siap…
  • Semua bahan masuk jadi satu kemudian aduk hingga rata, setelah itu panaskan minyak goreng secukupnya dan masukan bahan tersebut goreng hingga matang. Angkat dan potong…
Shortcode Attributes
  • title – set widgets title.
  • grid content – here you can specify the content of the grid you can choose: posts, product from the shop portfolio items, pages or mix of any of previously mentioned.
  • post count – how many posts to display.
  • order – how to sort the posts.
  • categories – filter by categories.
  • tags – filter by tags.
  • taxonomies – filter by taxonomy.
  • author – filter by author.
  • teaser layout – specify in which order to display the teaser (thumbnail, title or excerpt).
  • link target – same window / blank.
  • thumbnail size – specify the size of the thumbnail.
  • items per view – how many images to display per view.
  • extra class – to be used in CSS.
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